Sneak Peak! Feelin' Trendy!!

So the new sneak peak is this. Those of you who know me, have visited my house and seen "my" room, or have been reading my blog long enough to see my room transformation know...
But, better than chapstick, it's one of the new DSP's!!
I'm feeling oh so trendy, and so hip! That is a major thing, being the one who has never been hip a day in her life.

It almost, ALMOST, makes it better that while I was painting the room I was web-camming it for my mom to see. Her reaction? "It looks like a tangerine threw up in there."

Well momma, look who won THAT argument. It might have taken 7 months to do it, but I think this proves I won!

Who cares that no one loves my room but me, or that my husband always things aliens are in here (the room glows from under the door) or my son thinks of Home Depot Homer when we work together in here.

So-- what do you guys think? Love it, hate it?

(I so gotta get to bed, we have a long, long drive down SLC!)


Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

I love it!! I'm totally into orange now, and it is the new hip, trendy color ;) And I'm definitely going to have to get that dsp...maybe I can wallpaper *my* craftroom with it (DH might not like that...we share the space! lol)

~Michelle (aka mybelle101)