Craft Fair times

My friend Maria & I got booth's right next to each other. Purpose: someone to talk to, someone to laugh with, and most important- potty breaks! We also had a good time- which counts!


Love you THIS much: Star Book

Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of this opened?! Well, no fear, I had a friend ask for the instructions, and so a picture tutorial is in the works. Stay tuned- I sold out of them (made 4) so I'll whip one up tomorrow to post.

I'm doing a craft fair today!

You can find me in Corvallis!

I've taken lots of pictures of what I've made, but have only posted a few. This is *the* craft fair around here. Enough that I've stopped doing any others and concentrate on this one alone.

The fair starts at 9am and goes until 5pm (though I left last year around 3 because I sold out!)



I love him, but I'm gonna kill him.

He WALKED ON Henry. How the heck can you not see Henry? Seriously- that was his excuse.
*updated* 5:40pm
It was on the floor, only because I was using it! He wasn't paying attention, and ... well, that is all. :)


Stamps: Deer Friends , Love Labels
Paper: Random scraps
Ink: Chocolate Chip, Wild Wasabi
Punches: 1 1/4" & 1 3/8" Circle, Cicrle Scallop
Other: glitter, york mints


SU's Holiday Extravaganza: Up & Going!

Stampin' Up's! Holiday Extravaganze is up and running!!

Click here to see all the nifty bargains (punches, tins, books, stamps, paper!)

Click the "SHOP NOW" link at the top right side after you go to my site. :)


Lovin' Mr. Brown

Never fear, Mr. Brown (aka UPS man) came with my SS club order from yesterday. Yes, I placed the order yesterday, and yes, I got it today. It's not my fault- my older than dirt corner punch bit the dust, and I *HAVE* to have it to finish a project for Saturday. I almost never pay for next day- I'm too cheap.

Anyhow, it's hear, and after divvying up everything, I realized the sad truth, I ordered no stamps for myself. How is that for sadness? Oh well, corner punch in hand, I shall finish project #5 for Saturday and be happy once again.


Babygift for Blueberry

I had a lot of fun with this. A friend/neighbor who has been struggling with infertility and trying for a baby as long as we have is expecting. It's been wonderful! She nicknamed her baby "Blueberry" thanks to our doctor. I tried, in vain, to find blueberry fabric, but no such luck. The inner section of the card is lovely- but it's intended for her eyes only... but trust me. :)
STAMPS: So Many Scallops
PAPER: Bella Rose, Chocolate Chip, Wild Wasabi
OTHER: Coluzzle, ribbon, glitter, spiral punch


Tutorial: Pretty Pens

Supplies Needed:
Pens (I like RSVP pens, but any will work)
Red Tacky Tape (comes in 4 sizes, I use the widest, and the narrowest)
Heat Gun

Tray (something to contain the beads)

Step One: Empty beads into a tray. The cover a pent with the red tacky tape. I use the widest and the narrowest ones. Completely cover what you wish to bead. Don't worry about lining ends up yet.

Step Two: Peel away the red liner. Then take the narrowest tacky tape and make a clean edge at the top and bottom. Peel away liner.

Step Three: (Take off cap if you wish) Roll the pen in the tray/beads. Cover well.

Step Four: Once covered, roll between your palms and roll in beads again. Repeat as needed till pen is covered how you wish.

Step Five: Use your heat gun to warm up the beads/tape. While the pen is still warm, roll between pals to really stick down the beads.

Once done, they look like this!! It's quick, easy, and everyone loves to write with a happy pen!

Here is a link to the post that someone asked how I did it. I saw it in the gallery at 2 Peas and thought I would figure it out. Fun stuff for sure!!

Tutorial: "Stuff It" favor's

Supplies Needed:
Red Tacky Tape
Candy (or other goodies)
1 12X12 CS/PP

Step 1: Cut your 12X12 sheet into 5X11" strips. (The size doesn't matter so much- it depends on how big you want the favors to be. Experiment- all sizes are super fun!)
Step 2: Stick some TT (tacky tape) done the smallest side of paper.

Step 3: Then roll paper so it looks like a toilet paper roll. Smoosh the tape together well so it's a good stick.

Step 4: Place TT on one end of roll (on the inside of the circle) and stick together. Once together, crease the end that is taped, flat.

Step 5: Stuff the container with whatever goodies you choose. I picked m&m's for these.

Step 6: Repeat Step #4 which will seal the container.

Step 7: Score ends if desired, and then decorate to your wishes!


Pretty Pens

11/23/08: Here is a picture of them now: with tags! :)

SU's Holiday Extravaganza

Mark your calendars!
You won't want to miss this!

What is the Holiday Extravaganza sale? The sale is a limited-time, 20%-50% discount on select product bundles from 11/26/08 through 12/1/08.

Quantities of discounted bundles are limited, so place orders online early.

Stay tuned- a launch party is in order! Or click here to order on your own.

SS: November Project

This was our November project for my group "Stamper's Supreme." 'Tis the season! It was a seriously great night. What can be better than 7 layer dip, mess making, ice cream and cake? Oh, must add in the friends!! It was a dandy birthday evening for sure!

*I'll put up the specific details later. It's late. But we made both cards. Technique's we learned/worked on were embossing, and folding.
You can find the tutorial for the Elf card (folded one) here.


Spiffy Birthday Card!

I love it when people make cards. I especially love it when they make one for me!!! This would be my favorite card I've received this year. I LOVE dots!!
Happy birthday to me!!


A teaser...

I made the most adorable thing this evening (a friend came over and we played the evening away while the kiddo's played) and guess what?

I can't find the camera!

So, I leave you with images of cute stuff and promise to get a picture ASAP! A fear, the hub's took it hunting and he left it somewhere- YIKES! Realistically, it's in his truck... or backpack... or whatever.

SS members: Don't forget, this Friday is out November meeting! Also, the item I'm talking about will be the class for February!


Got an award

Thanks Kira for the award!!

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5.Ice Escape

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Can't thank you enough

Stamps: Say it with Scallops (SU)
Ink: Staz On Jet Black
Punches: Square Scallop, Scallop Border
Other: ribbon, Coluzzle



Stamps: Say it with Scallops (SU)
Ink: Staz On Jet Black, CB Charcoal Black
Other: Coluzzle, Ribbon, Pop dots


Baby shower favors

Stamps: Say it with Scallops (SU)
Ink: Chocolate Chip (SU)
Paper: Wild Asparagus
Other: Brad, Coluzzle, M&M's. bone folder


Fair 2006

Just what I needed: GNO!

Last night was a *BLAST* and just what we all needed. I met up with 4.5 friends (.5 was my baby fix brought by pal who couldn't stay, but stopped to visit for a bit) and was so excited to have 2 other great friends come in, plus 2 other people.

It was a full house of 10 scrappers- and it was a blast. There was food, music, laughter, more laughter, and in between we did manage to shop and even create.

It was also the end of the 1st quarter- so certainly cause for celebration!!!

BTW: There were a fvew people wanting some SU goodies, so I will be placing an order on Monday night if anyone needs anything. Let me know!


1st Friday- wahoo!

Tonight is 1st Friday up in Stevensville- and right after school I plan on swinging by the house, grabbing my stuff and heading out. This is my one "for sure" night of fun. I try to not make plans and instead to play with friends & co-workers.

Tonight there are about 7 of us who are heading out there. Including one who plans to swing in to visit (she's back in town, moved to Spokane last spring) and I'm so excited!!

Please may 4pm come quickly....

For those who live close, swing by- everything starts up about 6pm, and if you scrap- stop by the store and say hi!


Class: Recipe Album

This class is being offered at Country Scrappin' on November 15th from 11:30am till 2pm. Cost is $10 plus supplies. A supply list will be provided at sign up.
A Stampin Up! version of the class is also being offered on January 16th from 6:30pm till 9pm. (For our SS group, but this is open to everyone as it's been such a hit.)