Lovin' Mr. Brown

Never fear, Mr. Brown (aka UPS man) came with my SS club order from yesterday. Yes, I placed the order yesterday, and yes, I got it today. It's not my fault- my older than dirt corner punch bit the dust, and I *HAVE* to have it to finish a project for Saturday. I almost never pay for next day- I'm too cheap.

Anyhow, it's hear, and after divvying up everything, I realized the sad truth, I ordered no stamps for myself. How is that for sadness? Oh well, corner punch in hand, I shall finish project #5 for Saturday and be happy once again.


scrappinmominky said...

Woo, I love when Mr. Brown comes for a visit! I need to get an order in but I've been Christmas shopping like mad and haven't wanted to buy anything for me, but...I'm done now, so Momma is gonna get some new toys. LOL

thescrapmaster said...

Oh man, I can't wait for this Holiday Extravaganza sale so Mr. Brown will come to my house!! Those supplies look so yummy!


fishlips said...

Mr Brown was so so nice to you...wow you are a lucky Girl!!!! Have Fun with all your new stuff.

Louise, that's me!! said...

Ohhhh nice, can't believe your will power though!