Update on my nephew

Je was able to get a little bit of real food today. And this evneing he got in a short walk. A really short walk, but still a walk. The first time out of his room also. YAY!!!


Trent & the BIG surgery

My nephew Trent is scheduled to have his "big" surgery in the morning, 7am. This one will last 4-6 hours if all goes well. They will be placing 2 rods and 12 screws in his back- a reconstruction for his scoliosis, which is causing breathing issues as his spine is currently crushing his lungs.

Please keep him, he's 6, my sister & hubby (Jenny & Richard) and the doctors in your thoughts and prayers. There is a 50% chance he will be paralyzed with this surgery- and we are all scared about the outcome. The attached picture is Trent the day he got released from his last surgery 2 weeks ago.

Here is the address' where cards can be sent if you would like. The hospital won't be very long (if all goes perfectly, which is what we hope for) but my mom will be bringing the other 2 boys over on the weekend so she will be taking any cars/packages with her.

Hospital address (5-10 days)
Trent Davidson
3030 Children's Way
San Diego, CA 92123

Home Address
Trent Davidson
7138 B Sagebrush Terrance
29 Palms, CA 92277

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!!!


Punch art: turtle & monkey

Need these for a club thing- 50 of the little buggers!