Man's Best Friend

An album made up for a customer for Christmas. Turned out adorable!!!


Friends AB

Another altered addy book


Our gift giving

Joe did the letters, and I deco'd them. Yes, there is an "E" that is upside down. It was notched wrong, and someone, who shall remain nameless (for your protection Joe), wouldn't fix it for me... and I didn't have time before I needed to finish and mail to get another set done (or renothced) myself. I waited too long. Shame on me....

Cherish Friends AB

Address book for a customer's gift. She's ordered a lot, but they are all pretty nifty!


All bundled up

I was invited to a CTMH thingie, and I although I don't use CTMH, I went. Must be supportive of friends!
However, this card was quite cute! And I did something I've never done before! Inked over the embossing- which gave it a fun & dirty look. I like dirty. ;)