Headed to BOISE!!!

For anyone interested in going to a MOST FABULOUS cropping adventure, you should head to Boise as well, over Memorial Day weekend. Yup, you should. It's where I will be. Taking a long weekend, celebrating birthdays, cropping, camping, fishing, shopping and visiting friends!! All in 5 days, maybe 6, of bliss!!!

If you are going to be there, you should so let me know.

I might need to get a gift for my sub... near the end of school, kid's might be... scratch that, they WILL be, insanely crazy & ready for school to be out.


Gift Basket: tutorial

This little basket is a great idea for goodies bags at parties, centerpieces (stuffed) on tables, and so much more. Supplies needed are: 12x12 sheet of paper (I prefer double sided,) a hole punch & ribbon. Plus any decorating goodies you wish.

To start with you will want to score your 12x12 sheet of paper into thirds (score at 4" & 8")

Then you will need to score the four corners, from corner to corner.

The corner score will be folded in, and then punch holes in the top center of corner as shown.

Weave the ribbon thru the holes, and it will draw the corned into the center. Tie it up, and there you have it!

Decorate to your liking, and enjoy!


Monday: stamping extravaganza!

This is a checkbook cover. The rest, however, are cards. Since today was a holiday for me, I spent my typical work day playing. My son also benefited with friends over to play.
In return I finished 2 swaps, cards for a lady I know, my Christmas card challenge for SCS, and one new tutorial up, and another ready to be posted.
What made this even better was that a dear friend of mine met mefor the virtual crop. With webcams, voice chat- we were set!!

Happy Birthday Matchbook

Puzzle Book: Tutorial

Puzzle books are a lot of fun to give as gifts for whatever you might be celebrating. They are quick and easy, and can be completed using just 2 sheets of paper! Makes it even better for that quick, money might be an issue gift!

*2 piece double sided paper, or cardstock: more for decorating purposes
* sheet of chipboard
*tacky glue
*ribbon, approx 1yd
*hole punch
Score your paper into 3" sections. You'll end up with 9 squares.

Take your scissors and cut squares, on the scored lines, into a "circle." Obviously it won't be a circle, but you cut on the lines like you would be cutting a circle. The picture shows what it should look like. This looks like abackwards "L" but I am backwards (a lefty) anyhow!

Once you get it cut, fold up your squares in accordian fashion. This makes the puzzle book! See, it was that simple!
Cut your chipboard slightly bigger than 3" and cover with paper. Attach the ribbon to make a tie closure. Then decorate the front and insides to your hearts content!

This is going in the mail in the morning- destination, Boulder, Colorado!


Love you forever

One of the best...

The quote reads:
"One of the best things in the word is to be a boy."
There is another one to come-- but, my battery died... so soon.


Serious Scrapping Weather

This was my morning, and I'll post my evening when I can get pictures. Yes, hot chocolate will be a staple.


Doggie Books

Sorry for the not so good pictures. Forgot to take them, so I took them in my classroom before giving them to the new "owner" of them. They are really cute, I love teh "Diva" one, that was ooodles of fun to make!


Tutorial: 2-way Paper Bag Album

Since I was busy making albums for special people, I took pictures!! So, now you will have photo instructions! There is one other tutorial on this blog at this time. I promise to be a better person and get around to doing more. I love doing mini albums most of all-- and I just need to remember to take pictures.

*4 paper bags (2 of two different sizes)
*pattern paper (I used 6)
*card stock (I used 2)
*crop-a-dile (or something to punch holes)
*adhesive (I use tacky glue to put the base down, and mono or glue dots for everything else.)
*2 binder rings
*pretties (rub-ons, ribbons, fibers, stickers, jewels, brads, etc, etc)

First I fold all bags in half, and measure each half. I then cut my papers to size, and stick them on the bigger of the bags (leave the smaller ones for now)

2. Once the bigger bags are covered, put tacky glue (or whatever glue you use) on the bottom of smaller bag. You want to leave the pocket (or opening) of the bag useful. Stick it down on top of the paper covered bigger bag half.

3. Once both smaller bags are on, cut papers down, and cover all "showing" parts of bag.

4. Don't fret, I've said nothing about binding the book yet.

5. This is where I do my most loved technique- inking. Once you ink, you never stop. Ask anyone I've done a class for!! Anyhow to ink pretend you are shaving a carrot. Ink as much or as little as you like. All sides and nooks. (you do not have to ink, I just love to!)

6. After I've ink everything, I start sticking on embellishments, photo mats, etc, etc, etc.

7. Once everything is stuck down to my liking out comes the cropadile. I normally only punch out 2 holes, but do as many as you like. I insert the binder rings in and tie up with ribbons. (there are plenty of ways to bind this, including just tying it up with ribbons only. For this open the bag book flat and tie the ribbon that way. then your book can open up flat instead of with an ugly crease. PLENTY of ways to bind!!)

8. Once it's bound, that's when I make all the tags for the pockets. This one had 4 pockets, 2 different sizes. I like to add ribbons to the ends for pull tags, and I ink & deco those as well.

9. Admire your gorgeous book!!!

A look at the book from the opening of the pages.

Prego Pra-- I hope you love it. This is yours. smoooooches


Lotsa Love

This was yet another gift. It seems that's all I've been doing lately- not that I mind!! Came out lovely, and she LOVED it. Was a hit at the party.

This one will stand up, or hang on the wall (I notched it.) Never know who has shelf room or not!

I'll be cutting out 2 more words/names this weekend, to work on. Hopefully they'll be ready to mail by the following weekend.