Tutorial: Waterfall Album

To make this super cute paper bag album you will need the following items:

* 2 paper bags (size not an issue)
* crop-a-dile, or hole punch
* adhesive
* eyelets/brads for binding (you can use ribbons/fibers also)
* pretties
First, you need to fold the paper bags to create a "waterfall" effect. To do this, simply off set your folds, leaving approximately 1-2" gap between the bottom and the opening (pocket).

I like to keep the pockets (opening of the bags) on the longer ends (back) so that way I can place longer tags, or more pictures inside. However, it doesn't matter at all.

Once you have the bags lined up to where you like the spacing, take your crop-a-dile (or hold punch) and punch holes to bind the pages together.

This is where you decide if you want to bind with eyelets, brads, fibers or ribbon. It just depends on the look that you want the book to have.

Obviously, fiber & ribbon will be more frilly than the eyelets and brads. However, Eyelets and brads will be stronger in the long run. To cover the "ugly" backs of these, you will just cover them with the paper you selected. It then becomes a non-issue as to the prongs showing.

Once your book is bound, you will cover your pages. I prefer Tacky Glue or tape to stick the initial papers down. It is the best glue, that I've found, to stick to the paper bags.

Once each page is covered, decorate to your liking! Don't forget to cut & decorate tags for the pockets.

This is a perfect mini album to give for a gift. I've made them for showers, birthdays, and just because.