Great Classroom gift

My son loves to read. Loves is a strong word- but he really does. We bought him a 5 book series (Gregor the Overlander) and her read them all in a week. I was a tiny bit bummed, just because he'd gotten through them so fast. But, I was also tickled because he got through them so fast.
For his class gift, we made bookmarks for everyone. With the help of punches (circles & scallops) and stickers & stamps, we dressed up paperclips, did a fun saying from Dr. Suess and stick them in a baggie.
He said they were a hit!


Stamp Club #3

These aren't exactly what we did. Everyone made their own thing. But we did what has become tradition- altering a calendar and making a matching pen.

Everyone has GREAT creativity!! We did it a week early because of the holiday (mixed with crazy travel plans!!)