I should have warned you

It's the end of the end of the school year and no matter- I never can believe when May is over. I am glad it is, but it goes at 120mph and I can never see straight by the end. May 2009 brought: 12K race in Spokane, my mama visitied, the hubs mama visited, N had surgery, found out he broke 2 teeth, the hubs celebrated a birthday, on top of the school stuff.

I have one week left then it's summer vacation.

Then I will be back to my creative juice flowing groove.

Which, I need to get to work on my summer class schedule's don't I... hmmm...

Monkey-ing around


3 drawer box

Basic grey paper, paint and just a few deco's.

I am in *LOVE*

Need I say more?


Maria is talented

My friend Maria made this. Trust me, it is so much MORE gorgeous face to face than this picture could ever point out. I swear. She spent most of the retreat working on it, and it showed!!


Retreat: odds & ends

Retreat: yummy food's

I forgot to take a picture of the breakfast yummies, and Saturday's dinner... and the snacks.. and everything else. Trust me, we had *NO* shortage of food!!
Every single yummy bite was WONDERFUL.

Retreat: the crowns

Who made us wear these again?!?!!


Don't you wish...

you would have been here with us? Next time- you should be. I swear.


My email was hacked while I was away-- this is the 2nd time, and I lost everything- they wiped out my contact list and everything. I am *SO* sorry to everyone.

But, please call me, msg me on yahoo: (frogiella) and I will get my new & fresh email to you.

If we are on mailing lists together, they have been changed. Facebook also.

My messenger on msn is EMPTY- ACK!!!!!!!!!!


What I'm doing: A Mother's Day Retreat!!!
I'll be out making HUGE messes from Friday when I get out of school until mid Sunday morning.
Thanks J & N for the treat- I am *SO* excited!!!
(Plus, I've been so busy with end of school stuff I haven't made a thing in forever!)