Puzzle Book: Tutorial

Puzzle books are a lot of fun to give as gifts for whatever you might be celebrating. They are quick and easy, and can be completed using just 2 sheets of paper! Makes it even better for that quick, money might be an issue gift!

*2 piece double sided paper, or cardstock: more for decorating purposes
* sheet of chipboard
*tacky glue
*ribbon, approx 1yd
*hole punch
Score your paper into 3" sections. You'll end up with 9 squares.

Take your scissors and cut squares, on the scored lines, into a "circle." Obviously it won't be a circle, but you cut on the lines like you would be cutting a circle. The picture shows what it should look like. This looks like abackwards "L" but I am backwards (a lefty) anyhow!

Once you get it cut, fold up your squares in accordian fashion. This makes the puzzle book! See, it was that simple!
Cut your chipboard slightly bigger than 3" and cover with paper. Attach the ribbon to make a tie closure. Then decorate the front and insides to your hearts content!

This is going in the mail in the morning- destination, Boulder, Colorado!


Dawn Mercedes said...

delightful! I can't wait to try this myself!