Gift Basket: tutorial

This little basket is a great idea for goodies bags at parties, centerpieces (stuffed) on tables, and so much more. Supplies needed are: 12x12 sheet of paper (I prefer double sided,) a hole punch & ribbon. Plus any decorating goodies you wish.

To start with you will want to score your 12x12 sheet of paper into thirds (score at 4" & 8")

Then you will need to score the four corners, from corner to corner.

The corner score will be folded in, and then punch holes in the top center of corner as shown.

Weave the ribbon thru the holes, and it will draw the corned into the center. Tie it up, and there you have it!

Decorate to your liking, and enjoy!


Helen said...

Very cool! Thanks for the clear instructions.

MrsBoz said...

Love the tutorials; love your whole blog!!! How do you get the whole page layout?

Danyelle Kessler said...

You have inspired me....but I don't have this paper. Oh well, I can look at your wicked example.