Tutorial: 2-way Paper Bag Album

Since I was busy making albums for special people, I took pictures!! So, now you will have photo instructions! There is one other tutorial on this blog at this time. I promise to be a better person and get around to doing more. I love doing mini albums most of all-- and I just need to remember to take pictures.

*4 paper bags (2 of two different sizes)
*pattern paper (I used 6)
*card stock (I used 2)
*crop-a-dile (or something to punch holes)
*adhesive (I use tacky glue to put the base down, and mono or glue dots for everything else.)
*2 binder rings
*pretties (rub-ons, ribbons, fibers, stickers, jewels, brads, etc, etc)

First I fold all bags in half, and measure each half. I then cut my papers to size, and stick them on the bigger of the bags (leave the smaller ones for now)

2. Once the bigger bags are covered, put tacky glue (or whatever glue you use) on the bottom of smaller bag. You want to leave the pocket (or opening) of the bag useful. Stick it down on top of the paper covered bigger bag half.

3. Once both smaller bags are on, cut papers down, and cover all "showing" parts of bag.

4. Don't fret, I've said nothing about binding the book yet.

5. This is where I do my most loved technique- inking. Once you ink, you never stop. Ask anyone I've done a class for!! Anyhow to ink pretend you are shaving a carrot. Ink as much or as little as you like. All sides and nooks. (you do not have to ink, I just love to!)

6. After I've ink everything, I start sticking on embellishments, photo mats, etc, etc, etc.

7. Once everything is stuck down to my liking out comes the cropadile. I normally only punch out 2 holes, but do as many as you like. I insert the binder rings in and tie up with ribbons. (there are plenty of ways to bind this, including just tying it up with ribbons only. For this open the bag book flat and tie the ribbon that way. then your book can open up flat instead of with an ugly crease. PLENTY of ways to bind!!)

8. Once it's bound, that's when I make all the tags for the pockets. This one had 4 pockets, 2 different sizes. I like to add ribbons to the ends for pull tags, and I ink & deco those as well.

9. Admire your gorgeous book!!!

A look at the book from the opening of the pages.

Prego Pra-- I hope you love it. This is yours. smoooooches


Godelieve said...

Absolutely gorgeous album! Great tutorial too! Thanks!

Sue Daly said...

Beautiful album. Love the papers you used.

Anonymous said...

this is a total WOW - TFS!

One Scrappy Gal said...



Seriously... it's awesome and I can't wait to get my smooching photos on the pages. :)

Thanks for the step by step instructions too. I see mother's day albums in my future for all the grandhags. :)

Niki said...

Cute tutorial!

cheryl said...

Thanks for the tutorial - can't wait to make an album like yours! Oh, and I love to ink too. If I start, I can't stop!

laos348 said...

This album looks great - thanks for the step by step instructions.