Making Custom Ribbon Colors

How many times have you needed the perfect shade of coral ribbon, but couldn't find it- or didn't have any on hand with no time to hop over to a store? It happened to me ALL THE TIME! Then I learned a trick (a few years ago) from a Scrappin' diva (Hi Carol!!)
Buy, in large quantities, white/ivory twill or grosgrain. Then use your ink pads, your walnut inks, etc to make them the color you need.
For this one (did it today in class to show one lady who didn't bring her brown ribbon with her, and the store didn't have any that was "manly" enough) I just drug a cat eye across, front and back, of course I left a scratch piece of paper under it to keep the table clean.
Works like a charm, and the colors are endless!! I love to use re-inkers and make tye-dyed concoctions!
To answer D's question, yes, I still buy a LOT of ribbon, I just keep the plain stuff on hand for those just in case moments.


Katrina said...

That is so clever! I passed on your brilliant idea to some of my fellow crafters. They will love it!

Doris said...

do you use pigment ink or chalk ink ( i think the first one, but it's better to ask before you try something new)