Tutorial: Pocket Card/Bag

*Card Stock
*Bone Folder

1. To start with you will need a perfect square of card stock (double sided PP will work as well, I used handmade paper for this.) I used a 8.5"X8.5" square.

2. Take a corner of your paper and meet an opposite corner. Crease well with your bone folder.
3. (For ease in explaining this, I put the fold on the bottom.) Take one side of your paper and meet the opposite side (centering it) and fold.

4. Do the same to the other side. I wanted mine to be "off" a bit, as I'm not a fan of "perfectly shaped" items. Ask any of my friends- I love oddities!

5. Don't forget to crease well, this will come in handy at the end.
6. Fold one section of the top triangle down over the folds. This creates your pocket!

pocket card by mel
7. Open up your folds, if desired, to embellish. Once embellished to your liking, fold back up and adhere paper down.

8. Finish embellishing the front as desired, fill, and give to a loved one.

** This is the class demo I had last night. It was a big hit with the ladies.


Dragana Skoro said...

This is neat! I have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

Katrina said...

Ok now that is cool! And so easy! Love it!

Donna said...

Cute! Your crafts look so nice! I will have to come by more often for inspiration!! =)

Anonymous said...

This is so cute and simple. TY so much for sharing. I love the paper.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Oh how absolutely wonderful! I'm going to make those for the little trinkets LLB gives to her friends at Christmas.
Thanks for sharing!!

love2Bcreative said...

Wow! What an awesome tutorial! Thanks for taking the time to do this -- I must make one now ;o)