OB: in progress

So, my room is a work in progress. I had hoped to have it done by now, but no such luck. Darn school for getting in the way!!

But, it is coming along. My goal today is to finish it. Except for the tedious things like organizing paper. I'm just putting it where it's to go (closet) and will go thru it later. Like when we watch a movie or something.

My only "big" need is some sheers. I've not seen anything I like, so I need to get some material & go at it. Just haven't. So my valance looks a bit like it's missing something- but it is! Will hit the fabric shop here at 10am when I go off to get N's friend. I do LOVE the fabric I picked up at JoAnne's though. It's fun, funky & bright! A perfect tie-in.

This would be the main wall. Ignore the desk, it's horrid. But one day I will have space. I hope tonight. But, nothing is in the living room, or in the center of the room any longer!! That is a huge thing- especially to my husband!


Lorie said...

I LOVE your curtains! Someday when I have my own room (a couple of years more away) I will have pretty things too! :o)

Katrina said...

You know I am so jealous of you having a craft room that I may just poke myself in the eye. I love the pink and orange!

Monica said...

I LOVE LOVE the Orange!!! Great craft room!!! I'm jealous! :-)

Anonymous said...

so pretty - a space all your own!

Lisa T said...

Ooh! love the curtains. :)