We have snow people

Check out my weather pixie in the side bar-- she's not lying, it IS snowing.

That is just SICK & WRONG.

We're renting movies, and making messes... I swear, Mother Nature is playing a sick joke- it's supposed to almost be summer! We didn't even get spring yet!

*I just turned on the heater in 2 rooms, and the fire place is now going again as well. This makes me cry, big, fat tears.


Elizabeth Wickland said...

I get your feed in my Google Reader, so when I saw that you have snow I had to commiserate! We do TOO! It's been snowing for hours and it's JUNE! Ridiculous.

Then I noticed you were in the Bitterroot and a Texan. I'm in Bozeman, but was born and raised in Texas, so I guess we have a smidgen more in common than just today's snow! Still... isn't it time for the sun to come out?


Sue said...

It is snowing here in Oregon too!

Loretta's Blog said...

It is hot and humid and miserable in maryland.

I'm sure it will warm up again soon.

Love your blog!

--- fofering blog candy