Before & After

My friend Courtney does "Tackle It Tuesday" and I have always admired her for taking on such challenges. My plan was to do them also over the summer. And today I wanted to tackle my playroom.


And the unveiling of my personal playroom AFTER!
I have desk space, I have a floor, and I have a bed. I organized the paper racks in my closest, the tubs under my corner spot, and also sifted thru my scrap papers.

I'm so excited to have space on my desk again, I'd forgotten what the table top looked like!


specialcraftmom4 said...

Looks like fun to me (: I love the color of your room! I have hot pink (:

The Jones Family said...

Wow! How nice it must feel to have some space back to work on!

Frenchy said...

What a great room - I love that bright orange, how fun! Congrats on tackling your room!

Dana said...

Doesn't it feel good to have it organized again? :) I know when I do it I feel better. Until I make a mess again! LOL!

Michele Zwart said...

Holy Moley woman! You did a nice job getting that organized!

Michelle said...

What a great room! You make me proud! LOL! You must have been having a blast in there to make such a mess! My only problem with cleaning up is that I don't want to mess it up again! LOL! I get over that fast though!