Bill Clinton was here

...and my 9yr old & I went to see him. Since my personal blog is blocked- I thought I would share a couple things real fast (a layout WILL come later, with ooodles of pictures.)

Okay-- now, while the tie matches her jacket, it has serious issues with his shirt. That is a hot pink & white plaid shirt people. And his boots, funky brown colored and had serious matching issues as well. Points given for wearing his wife on his wrist (Hillary 2008 wrist watch- which I have a picture of- yay for zooming) and also for talking from the bed of a pickup.

When in the world did they start employing high school kids to the secret service? I must admit, all the guys- minus one- were nice eye candy.

Not endorsing his wife-- just a life moment I wanted to share with my kid. Vote Tuesday people!