Tutorial: Coffee Filter Album

Supplies Needed:
*Coffee Filters (whatever size, I normally do 4 or 5, however many, whatever color)
*Card Stock (3-5)
*Scissors & trimmer
*Adhesive (I like tacky glue initially)
*Pattern Paper (3-5)
*Crop-a-dile (or hole punch)
*Binder clips (depending on how you bind)
*Ribbons & pretties

1. First I decide what order to put the papers in. I like to use PP (pattern paper) for the back ground. I put a thin line of tacky glue on the CF (coffee filter) and place it down on the paper. Be cautious! This paper is double sided- make sure you are placing the adhesive side down on the side you DO NOT want to see! Also, make sure if your paper has a lip on it, that you either cut it off before placing the CF, or be sure you aren't hitting it- and ending up with it on your CF!

2. Once it's down, I hold it down (my hands on top of it) for a minute or two. Then I take my scissors and cut it out. I continue this until all CF's are covered.

3. I then take my complimentary CS (card stock) and cut perfect squares that overlap the CF. I like the dimension this creates, you can cut to whatever size you wish. I adhere these with a bit of tacky glue as well. I do place one per double page. It cuts up the PP, and also adds a spunk of fun color & writing space.

4. I then take my crop-a-dile and punch 2 holes on the sides. This will be where I place my binder rings after decorating.

5. After the holes are punched, I will then take the left-over cuts of CS & PP to make square tags to go inside the pockets. These add extra pages to your book, great for writing, holding pictures, or whatever you might want to hide!

6. You are then left with a CF Album! This is the semi-finished product. You see how the squares give it more dimensions, and a bigger work space.

This is where the fun comes in. You'll decorate it to your hearts content!!

To see some of my finished examples, click here!

Have fun!


Mary Dawn said...

what a neat idea! thanks for sharing