Tutorial: Bag Envelope Card/Album

Supplies Needed:
*brown paper bag (my PB measured almost 6"across the top, closed. You will have to adjust measurements for different sized bags.)
*1 12X12 double sided pattern paper
*Adhesive (I use tacky glue initially)
*Pretties to decorate it up.

1. First you'll cut your sheet of paper to 7"X12" and you paper bag to 6" tall. (You will be cutting off the TOP of your PB.) If you have a big design, such as what I used, make sure that you cut your paper correctly.

2. Take the PB and fold the bottom in half (you will be refolding.) Then take the 7"X12" piece and score in the center, at 6", and fold.

3. The extra piece, 5"X12", take and cut to 5"X7.25" this will become the flap. Score this in the center, at 2.5", and fold.

4. Adhere one side of flap to the back of the larger piece. It will overlap a bit. If you do not wish it to overlap, feel feel to cut it at 7" instead of 7.25"

5. Put some adhesive on one side of your PB and adhere it to the inside of large flap. The bottom of the PB will rest on the bottom fold of the large section.

6. Then place adhesive on the other side, and press the other flap down on top of the PB. This will make the envelope.

7. Now for the fun- decorate it up! Some found it easier to decorating before adhering the bag inside. However, only you know how you prefer it! Obviously, directions are always changing so do whatever it take to make it easier for YOU to create!

Then come the fun part-- you get to decorate and make it pretty! This was a mini class taken for NSD at Country Scrappin' , hope you enjoy!


Beedubya said...

This is wicked cool! Love it!

SeaStar Creations said...

Oh, this is too cool and i am definitely going to try it soon! Thanks for sharing your talents :)

Kristine said...

Wow! This one is so cool! Love it! Have saved the link so I will deftry it some day!
Great blog you got!

daiseyfreak said...

this is awesome, thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

I love this tutorial Mel! Thanks for sharing it. Hugs, Maria

art-girl said...

Oh this is such a great idea. Love your work!