Tutorial: Scratch & Sniff

This is what we did for our April project's for both stamp clubs I'm running. It's *SUPER* easy.

Clear embossing powder
Sugar free smelly good things (koolaid is my personal favorite)
heat gun
versa mark pad

What to do:
1. Take 1.5 parts of embossing powder (I use 1/4 tsp for the parts)
2. Take 1 part koolaid (or whatever you are using)
3. Mix well.
4. Stamp on your versa mark pad, then on your paper.
5. Heat emboss it, like you would normally.
6. Finish project.

Totally reverts me back to being 6 yrs old. :)


CathyRose said...

My goodness, that sounds like fun! I bet my grandkids would love to make some of those cards!