I was away- now I'm home & ready to play!

So, we went to Twin Falls & Boise for a long weekend. I forgot to say bye, but that's life. I gave up the computer- but not my camera. I cannot even share the excitement I had when I saw this sign. I was meeting friends all day and evening. Let's not forget all the shop's either (scrapping first and foremost.)

I hit all of them. Except the new one in Meridian that I have no idea where it is (and I forgot to look it up before we left- I remembered when we were in Arco.) I stayed within my budget- and plan to go back this summer to Girlfriends for a crop. So sad to miss their crops because they are super-duper-wonderfully-awesome.

Mr. Brown comes today also- so I'm among lots of new stuff and my creativity got the injection it so needed. YAY!!!

Today is a play till Joe gets home day.


Naomi said...

What a collection of goodies!!! Hope you have fun with them!