Ebaying Stuff

Well, thanks to the slumber party at my house, I was awake at 4am (the boys fell back asleep around 6am) and once I'm up, I'm up! So I decided to tackle my bins of stamps. Clearing out ones I rarely use, or haven't in so long I can't remember is a great feeling. Bring's forth much less guilt over my order I put in for myself the other day.

I'm currently working on listing everything. So pay attention to when items actually post... they aren't showing yet, they are being so slow.

I'll also be selling some items for a friend once she brings those over later this morning (she's going through them now.) Not sure if she will want them listed as the normal 7 day listing (mine will be 3 only) but will try to convince her to make it short and sweet.

Check them out!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on getting them sold. I've never had good luck selling but I only tried twice there. I'm sure you'll do better than me. I think I left my listings on too long.

Scrapperbo said...

You are selling a Texas stamp!! You are not keeping it? LOL

The Mama Monkey said...

Doesn't it feel good to purge?! I did this just the other night myself. I am waiting for this scrapbooking yard sale we do on base. Unfortunately, I tend to look in the box and think...maybe I should keep that one...!!

Traci said...

Great idea to clean out stamps, I need to do that. Good luck in selling them.