Tips & Tricks: Coluzzle

I've been a lover of the Coluzzle since... well, probably close to when the things came out. It was my first tool (not including pens, scissors, trimmer.) I love it. It is my friend, and I would have to venture that I've owned most of them at one time or another. Now I have the ones I truly heart (die cut machines replaced some of them.)
I've turned many a people on to them, namely CJo- so in her honor I'm explaining my tip for staying on the same track.
It's called sharpie's.
All I do is take different colored sharpie's and trace the track around, the next track another color, and so on, and so on. Obviously, it's not smart to use 2 shades that look a lot alike next to each other. :)


lcsstamp said...

That is a great idea!! TFS!