Spending spree

While I am sad to see any small business go out, I do love me a sale. Today I spend my monthly allowance (yes, I give myself an allowance.) And got a lot of nifty goodies, and stuff not even shown- cause it's secret goodies. Wahoooo!

And now, I can let this out of the bag. I *DO* plan on opening my own store here. Oh yes! Stay tuned! Those who showed today already know-- big plans in the works!


Danyelle Kessler said...

Your allowance looks like my rent, LOL! Have fun playing with your goodies.

Katrina said...

Ohhhh! How exciting! Will you have an online presence for those not in driving distance? (hint hint) ;o)

Melzie said...

D: Oh heck no, LOL! Got myself a nice little discount. :)

K: Umm... doubtful for an online store. BUT! I am already working on a website- which, of course you know you can link up for mail-love.