Mr. Brown is loved again.

Pre-order goodies, plus my new CATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How exciting is my evening going to be? Well, not that exciting, but tomorrow night at my crop, that's gonna be serious fun times!!


Michelle said...

oo la la...great cards..and EXCITING box of goodies!


Naomi said...

Um, an evening with the new catty is SUPER exciting! I have nothing yet!!! Had to place my catty order first as hubby's job is behind on expense reimbursement, and I couldn't justify putting in my $250 preorder when we are that tight. So, I will have to wait a while to get my catty! But I can put in my preorder tonight!

CathyRose said...

Oh, there is nothing like a box full of new goodies! Have fun!

Cr8ive ME said...

looks like you've got some great new goodies to play with.

M.E. aka CMCMaryD@SCS