I love these, a lot.

They add just a touch of glitter- when you want sparkle, but subtle. I found them at my LSS, got the 3 colors she had. Fell in love, bought duplicates of those. Went to another LSS a few weeks later, and they had 9 other colors. Bought them all. Was horrified they hadn't played with them, and I gave a lecture on how awesome they were.

Get them. I promise you will thank me.

Twinkling like stars.
at you Spica
Too Marker Products Inc.


CathyRose said...

Oh yes, I love these too! I, lol, unlike you, controlled myself and only got a couple! I know more will find their way to my craft room soon!

Dawn said...

got 'em... love 'em every ones needs at leat 4 of these!

Naomi said...

I have another friend who recently raved about these, I need to get a few.