2 crops in 2 weeks: this is what happens.

Now, my room is usually messy- but NOT like this. The last 2 weekends have been busy. I've been to 2 crops (Friday nights,) had sleep over's, making dinner's for my neighbor, trips to Missoula, and just normal family life.

I've gotten into the habit of just throwing stuff on the bed. Stacking on the floor. Pawing through the closet in hopes of finding my most favorite envelope template that wasn't where it was supposed to be.

So, here are the before pictures. Don't laugh (unless you take pictures of YOUR craft room and I can laugh too) it's not nice. :)

I do plan on attacking the closet too. Because of the envelope issue. My husband only grunted. But, it's gotta be done. I know what I want to do to my closet- those nifty stack a thing's, but I need measurements so I know exactly what I need.

Home Depot- I'm coming up tomorrow!

I'm also thinking it's time for a new color. Joe REALLY grunted when I said that. What can I say, I get bored easily, and I like change.

Our living room has been painted twice since we've moved in (almost 3 yrs.) So, this little room shouldn't be a problem. My mom might even give her thumb's up. Her response to the room was: "It looks like a tangerine threw up."

Can you tell she loved the color?

I like bold, crazy colors. But I'm thinking I want to go back to my soft green that I had in Kuna.

Joe didn't comment at all when I shared this with him this morning (around 5:30am.)

I wonder how painful it would be to cover the orange...


Louise Forsyth said...

I love the present colour.... before we moved out of our old home I had painted the bathroom this colour and LOVED it, although I was the only one.

Kay said...

Your craft room looks just like mine (except for the whole tangerine look - I'm thinking primer is the answer to that)
Only this afternoon I was wondering how it is that despite having a whole desktop I always end up "creating" in a 6" x 6" space surrounded by card/paper/ribbon/glue/buttons etc - obviously creative people thrive in chaos....

Rachel said...

This is basically how my room looks all the time!!! Cute idea with the orange wall- nice and cheery!

Tessa said...

You are crackin me up! I detest orange so I say go for the change! But that's me! Orange is VERY hard to cover - my hubby painted our kitchen orange with BIG bright red, yellow and green chili peppers all over it (before we met) and is now having to paint over it to make it easier to sell - I think he is on his third coat of Killz!

CathyRose said...

Oh my gosh, that is orange, isn't it, lol? It has tons of energy and think it would be very hard to cover it. Why not live with in a while and see if it grows on you?