Tutorial: Star Album

Red line tape
3 sheets of 3 colors of 12X12 cardstock or heavy double sided paper (You can use anything, but for the ease of this tutorial I used 3 different colors so you could better see how to put it together.)
Chipboard for front/back covers (approx 5 1/2" squares, 2 pieces)
Extra sheets of coordinating paper to deco covers & insides

Now let's make the album!
Step 1: Cut 6 pieces of CS 11" X 5 3/4" (For this it's red)
Step 2: Cut 6 pieces of CS 9 1/2" X 5 3/4" (For this it's teal)
Step 3: Cut 6 pieces of CS 8" X 5 3/4" (For this it's patterned)
Step 4: Fold all pieces in half. Lengthwise

Step 5: Place Red line tape on the inside ends of the 2 biggest sets of paper. Not the smallest sheets. (In this case it is the red & teal papers)
Step 6: Line of the ends of the largest and middle sheet. Peel away red line layer, and attach.
Step 7: Take the smallest sheet, peel away red line layer on the middle sheet, and attach lined up. It will look like the below picture.

Step 8: Complete with the rest of the 5 sets of papers.
Step 9: Once completed, repeat steps #5-#7 on the other side of papers.
Step 10: Now, you are going to stack them up. All folded ends lined up on top of each other, and the open ends lined up. Take the first group of papers, outline with red line tape, and attach the second group of papers on top. It will look like the below picture after the first 2 sets are attached.

Step 11: Continue until all 6 groupings of papers are attached. One on top of the other. Once they are all attached, you can open it up and you will see why this is called a "STAR ALBUM." You are almost done!

Step 12: Take a length of ribbon, and glue it to the outside, and around, covers of the album. This will be how you keep the album open or closed.
Step 13: Decorate The chip board covers, then attach over the ribbon.
Step 14: Decorate the rest of your mini album and you're done!!

*This was yesterday's class at Country Scrappin'


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

wow the star album is pretty amazing...I luv it! *~*

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

How cool is this! Thanks for the tutorial!

Scrapperbo said...

How fun. I need to make one of these!!

Traci said...

Cool album. Thanks for the tutorial. I love the paper you used.