Holiday Mini: ordered!

Well, tonight is the night where I am catching up on making goodies, looking over he scrap mag's that have stacked up in the last 6 weeks, and everything else. I finally looked over the holiday mini in between classes and running to the elementary school (my kiddo forgot his lunch.)

What a GREAT mini!!

I just ordered everything (just about, lol!) and I am gonna be looking forward to the end of the week. Not only will it be the kiddo's birthday (on Friday) but it will also bring mail goodies for me! YAHOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh, and the following Monday will bring a German exchange student into our home for 3 weeks. Which means more "not around time" for me. It will be fun having a teen in the house!


Angela V. said...

Hey there Mel! Sorry I wasn't on to chat last night, I ended up going to bed at 8:30! I was just exhausted...I may be on tonight though...I like the new look of your blog, pretty!

Ollievie said...

Happy birthday to said little kiddo! Where will your exchange student be coming from? How long will he/she be staying? Hope y'all have fun!