Happy mail day!

Last night the UPS man was my friend. It didn't help that I was sta.lking him though. During school, at break periods to make sure that I was right in knowing he would indeed visit my house.
How sad I was when no brown box was waiting for me upon my return from a crazy day of school. That box was holding my glimmer of sunshine.
But, oh happy day when the big brown truck parked in front of our house. I yelped with glee, and then reminded myself that I could not play because of our TOPS meeting.
So this morning, when I was making sure I had everything I needed for the day, I packed my stamps as well. I spent my break & lunch getting everything ready, and tonight I shall play... in my dreams. No time tonight- but they are ready should I find some time! Tomorrow night I'll be going to "First Friday" in Stevensville (crop starts at 5:30- we'll be eating at Romeo's then hitting the crop) and there I shall stamp.
I have a busy month of birthday's coming up in April, plus a lot of newly found pregnant people to make congrat cards for... I need to get busy!
A little side note-- I have loved rub ons since.. gosh, I first bought some back in Central Texas, eon's ago. (Okay about 8 yrs ago.) It's amusing/horrifying to me how many people did not know about them till SU came out with them. But, maybe, just maybe, it makes me special, cause I have had the love for them FOREVER! My mom would probably tsk, tsk me, for having way too much love for this stuiff anyhow. :)


Lorraine said...

woohoo...this is some great loot! have fun working with it all. I too am stalking the UPS man for my stampin up order and another order from another co.

Lizette said...

Blogger keeps eating my comment ARGH. I'll try one more time ...
I have used rubons for ever and ever too ! Hard to believe that some are just starting to use them now.

Teresa said...

Wowza! Look at all those goodies!!! Happy stamping! ;)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE getting this kind of mail!! You got some amazing mail!