Me, Myself & I

I first started scrap booking before it ever became fashionable. I have the books from high school (1991-1995) to prove it! College was a busy time, but follow along to the pregnancy of my first born- and you'll have watched me get back into it again. He's the guilty party of my habit! (Good news for any issues that might come up from my spending- it's not my fault!!)

Some interesting tidbits about me, you'll probably learn more about me than you ever cared to!

*I was born into a military life, and really hoped to marry a GI Joe. It didn't happen, but I did get a Joe, he's just missing the GI part. I love to travel, and I blame my growing up life of moving just about every two years. I still love a man in BDU's.

*I love to craft period. I quilt, scrapbook (stamping is included,) paint, knit and all that good stuff. I cannot crochet- feel free to ask my mom. She blames me being left handed. However, I will say this- I can't knit left handed, but I can knit! So maybe I need to learn crochet right handed.... I do Stampin' Up! but I don't "sell" it so much as I need to feed my habit. My friends get stuff, but I mostly order for myself. Stamps/paper/ink/pretties are much healthier than smoking/drinking/drugs, don't ya think?

*I am the mom to one gorgeous boy. I can't call him little, he gets FURIOUS. He was born in 1998, and is the love of my life. He's silly, we make up songs, and he doesn't like to hold my hand anymore. Well, not as often as I would like. The craziest thing he's ever done was to cut off all of his eyelashes. Tops & bottoms. Did it as school, and it was because someone told him his eyelashes were pretty. I noticed while he was in the tub, I knew something was different, but when I had him turn to rinse his hair, then I knew. Please don't tell him this- he's not 4 anymore, but I'm rather attached to his features.

*I am not the mom of one by choice. I've been pregnant many times. It's just none stick, not by my choice either. Quick way for me to hate you, tell me to relax and it will happen. Or tell me you know what I'm going thru because you tried for 5 months. 5 months, oh the horror.

*I have a degree in Elementary Ed & Psychology. One day I want to shrink up kids. One day when I'm not more concentrated on my son. I decided when he was 15mos that I wasn't going to waste away his childhood by being concerned with my career. Looking back, I wonder if I knew he might be it- today I am so grateful for being able to work, but to be able to experience him.

*I have medical issues, PCOS & BEALS, to be exact. I talk about them some, more in my other blogs than this one. All I'll say about BEALS is the growing up... well, kids are CRUEL. I did a speech on it in college, and I was so proud for not crying when people were genuinely nice & sympathetic. What a difference being 8 or 18 is.

*We live in Montana, and I semi-hate it. I can't hate it all the way, because there are great things to do here. But, I have to drive between an hour to 4 hours to visit my doctors. That is a serious pain in my backside. I'm a Texas gal, and the joke is, when Joe dies, 3 days later I'm back in Texas. No, I don't want him to die-- but there has to be some kind of silver lining to that, right?

*I'm LDS, and I'm just like you, and you, and you. I'm not weird, I'm do not have horns, and my husband does not have other wives.

Thanks for reading my bio- have a great day!!

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