Wow- been a LONG time!

Drastic changed in our world- we ended up moving, but instead of just to the next town, we moved out of state! With not knowing many people in the area, I've dusted off my supplies, and have started pulling them out to play with again. Oh, happy day!

A change with this blog is that it will not be strictly scrapping & stamping. But any creative mess that I am working on. Creative is creative- and it's ALL good.




Moving & Ebaying

We are moving & because of this (many other changes) I am cleaning out my scrapbooking room. I'm not holding back either, I do believe my husband is in shock.

I had a huge sale last month. I held some back for ebay (which I am listing right now- "TexasnIdaho") and very few that I'm packing up to keep. Not to mention giving a lot away.

I know I've been neglecting this blog- I'd planned on deleting it, but I decided to go ahead and keep it to share with the internet world. I do plan to come back and upload my creative spurts- just right now life if not online with me doing this.

Until then-- be sure to check out my ebay listings if you are hoping to get a killer deal on some great items.


Friends on Facebook

I've been disabled.

I've not vanished.

I've not de-friended you.

I've not been killed off.

But I am not on there right now- not sure why, but I want to get back!!

As for this blog, it's summer & school is out-- I'll be playing soon.


Bobby the Bull

Top Note Diecut, circle punches, oval punches, sharpies, glitter pen, tag punch, word window punch

Easter Chicken Basket

Our SS activity for the day.
SUO (excluding ribbon scrap)

Circle punches
Flower punch
Border punch
Circle Scallop punch
Large oval punch
Top Note diecut

Chaquita Banana Monkey

Chaquita was a mistake gone wonderfully well!

My friend Maria and I were trying to make a cow based on our sketches. We had 3 of them going at once and were having issues with the muzzles. This one was the most "monkey like," and we decided to go with it.

I think she turned out positively ADORABLE!

The eyelashes are a little on the heavy eye-liner side, but the stars in her eyes balance it all out.

What do you think?!

SU: circle punches, oval punches flower punch & word window punch. Top Note die also.
Paper: scraps
Other: glitter pen, ribbon